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Luxury Audi Service and Audi Repair in Marietta GA

Select Luxury Service is located in Marietta GA to address all of your Audi Service and Repair needs. What exactly makes us different from our competition? Select Luxury Service is a unique concept merging a high line dealership experience with the prices of an aftermarket shop. We are able to provide all of conveniences you expect from your Luxury Audi Atlanta or Marietta Service Center, but for roughly 30% less cost!

Typical European Luxury Car Dealers charge high markups to make up for losses in their new and used car departments. We don’t have to do that, we pass on the Audi Service Savings to you!

Audi Repair & Service Quality, Lower Price

Select Luxury Service believes in offering lower prices than the typical German Auto Dealership but our approach to Audi service remains the same. We believe in delivering the highest quality Audi service and repairs Marietta GA has to offer. That is why we only hire Certified Master Auto Technicians to work on your vehicles.

Even at the dealer, you can expect to find only a few Master Technicians. That means you may have a rookie mechanic working on your Luxury German Automobile at a dealer. You never have to worry about that at Select Luxury Service, all of our auto technicians are ASE Certified and Master Certified!

Example of Common Audi Routine Maintenance

6 Cylinder 5,000 Mile Marietta Audi Service & Repair
 **All Interval Services Include Tire Rotation**
 Replace Engine Oil Filter
 Drain Oil and Fill to Proper Level
 Adjust Windshield Washer Fluid Levels
 Inspect Engine Coolant Levels
 Inspect Brake Fluid Levels
 Inspect Vehicle For Fluid Leaks
 Adjust Vehicle Tire Pressure (4)
 Measure and Document Remaining Brake Pad Depth
 Reset Maintenance Reminder
 Road Test for Performance and Drivability
 Luxury Detail Your Vehicle

Models We Work On

Models We Maintain
-A4 Sedan -A4 Avant
-A4 Cab -S4 Cab
-A3 -A5 Coupe
-S5 Coupe -A6 Sedan
-A6 Sedan -A6 Avant
-S6 Sedan -A8 Sedan
-A8L W12 -S8 Sedan
-Audi R8 -Q5
-Q7 -TT Coupe
 -TT Roadster -TTS
 -And More!

We Hope You’re Excited to come try the Dealer Alternative! Let us know how we can help you.

Select Luxury Service Customer Testimonials

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